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At East Village Dental in New York City, patients can rest assured that they’re getting dental care with the most technologically advanced tools available to modern dentistry, like digital X-rays. Schedule a visit to East Village Dental’s state-of-the-art clinic in the Lower East Side of Manhattan today to learn more about how digital X-rays can improve your dental experience. You can book your visit by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool.

Digital X-Rays Q & A

How do X-rays contribute to my oral health?

X-rays give your dentist a deeper look inside your mouth. This deeper look makes it easier for them to accurately evaluate the health of your oral tissues, including your:

  • Teeth
  • Jawbone
  • Supporting structures that hold your teeth in place

When your dentist uses X-rays, they can spot problems that aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye or are too early in their development to be readily noticeable. With this diagnostic advantage, they can treat your conditions before they become a major problem. 

X-rays are also particularly important in performing root canal therapy. They give your dentist a roadmap of the inside of your tooth, which helps them navigate when they’re extracting your damaged pulp. 

Lastly, X-rays help your dentist to more precisely monitor the development of your teeth, in addition to pinpointing tooth decay and bone loss. 

Are digital X-rays safer than traditional X-rays?

In order to produce their images, X-rays use a tiny amount of radiation. The amount of radiation that you’re exposed to during an X-ray is generally considered safe, though.

At East Village Dental, the team of dental professionals uses digital X-rays, which are even safer than traditional X-rays because they use up to 80% less radiation.

How else are digital X-rays better than traditional X-rays?

In addition to using less radiation than traditional X-rays, viewing digital X-rays is a quicker process (since they don’t require the processing and developing of film), and your dentist can view them on larger screens than traditional X-rays.

Traditional X-rays display on tiny light boxes, and the size is restricted to the size of the actual X-ray. With digital X-rays, however, your dentist can display them on a larger screen, giving you a better view and helping to better educate you on your diagnosis and treatment options.

Digital X-rays are also easier to preserve and share, since they’re stored digitally, can be backed up to multiple computers, and can be quickly shared with other professionals or specialists. 

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